Screaming Roo Review coming soon Stay tuned!!……….

I just recently had to redo all my electrics on my bike for reasons I will discuss when I am finished testing the new and improved CDI and Magneto from Jim Wilson built by Screaming Roo of Australia.

Stay tuned because I think everybody is going to like the results. I can already feel the difference!!!

When I ride…………………

When I ride, it’s usually to work (an 18 mile trip one way) up the bike trail to Tallahassee. I think of a lot of things and I am listening to my China girl sing away. I have to say, I got her dialed in just about right. I started using NON-Ethanol gas and she sprang to life! Almost like she was another beast. I had no idea that Ethanol was so disruptive to the ignition timing on these bikes.

So I started using the E-0 gas on a motor that I had run for over 10,000 miles and this gave her new vigor! I could not believe the throttle response just after a half tank passed through her. Not so much four stroking anymore. You gonna get some unless you run a true expansion chamber, but it was AMAZING.

Fuel lines aren’t getting messed up and I don’t have to worry if my gas sits in the bike for a month! So I’m HAPPY!

The weird thing is, I can not let my bike go without a ride for more than two days. I am addicted, YES!! MY NAME IS JEFF AND I AM AN ADDICT! I am addicted to bike, I belong to the MBAA

That is all……….

Very Bright Bike Light Kits Interview with Will Kidd!!!!!

One of the things I feel for when I am riding my bike (daily rider) is the need for SAFETY on the roads. One of the most important things about riding, day or night, is that YOU ARE SEEN. Every rider knows the importance of that concept. I took it upon myself to get in touch with somebody who is a part of our community in BRADENTON, FL, my old stomping grounds!

He was telling me that he was experimenting with some ideas about a lighting system for our China girl’s HT engine and it immediately got my ears pricked wanting to hear what he had to say. I have had many a night where my cheap LED lights would burn out or just literally get rattled apart by the good vibrations. I wanted something sturdy enough that would last and just in case I accidentally left it outside (FLORIDA) and it got rained on, it wouldn’t be a problem.

We IMMEDIATELY hit it off and conversed for like over an hour. Turns out that he knows some of the people and places I know so we both warmed up to each other and started throwing out ideas. Now, I have to admit, he came up with all the ideas and I was the PERFECT person (daily rider at 40 miles per day) on and off road to beat the crap out his “Plug and Play” lighting system for him. With my online presence with my blog I’m glad to be able to say that with his expertise, I think he’s come up with something unbelievable.

I SINCERELY think he is onto something big. Not only has he done the complete lighting kit with front separate turn signals and back turn signals, he has added high and low beams, a horn, a halo around the front headlight and a real motorcycle crush switch for the brake light.


One of the things that blew me away was the illuminated on/off switch on the polished aluminum control box. I love that! Everything was so easy to hook up. Every connector was labeled so you can not hook it up backward or mess it up. So I assembled it on my bike, and here it is…


WP_20150222_005 WP_20150222_006

I have to say that this is the best light kit I have ever bought. It came with everything and was very well packed with instructions. I put it together in no time, like no shit in 15 minutes? It was a dream to ride with this, even at night.

The first night I took it to the store and back. Then I rode it during the day and it gave other motorists notice of when I was turning and braking. I thought WOW! This is so cool. I had to tighten some fasteners down after a couple of rides but I’ve got to tell ya, this is a REALLY professional system that I do not think you will find at a better price for what you’re getting. This guy’s heart is in this and it’s all he can think about when he’s not focusing his life around his beautiful daughter.

He’s working on a system now that can be charged with the motor while it is running so that you won’t even have to hook the battery up to be charged!! Every day that I talk with him, his enthusiasm for doing this is so infectious. His passion for building bikes and contributing to our hobby and obsession is insurmountable. He is a genuinely good person and has an absolutely great idea and product to service what we ride. He gave unbelievable tech support over the phone and I was truly satisfied with it.

Here is a link to our interview in audio format if you care to listen. This is AMAZING!!

Link following soon. We have to upload it to youtube!! I just couldn’t wait to get this out there!!!

Here’s his Facebook page…
And here’s the link to the youtube video!!!

OK, I’ve got some good news!!! Electric lighting setup. Interview with Will Kidd in mid Florida comming soon!

Alright!! Check THIS out.  I have a manufacturer that lives in my old stomping grounds in Florida and he is a fellow rider and has been coming up with AMAZING ideas on how to do these set-ups for our China girls!.  I mean just talking to the guy, you can hear it in his voice that he is SERIOUSLY motivated to Do these headlight and turn/tail light setups.

As many of you know, I use my bike on a daily basis. I go from my house (near St. Marks Florida) to Tallahassee every morning and night to work. Sometimes, in the Winter, the days are short and you HAVE to ride at Dusk or at night. That’s almost a 40 mile run every day. I get about 130 MPG and with gas prices going down, it’s just awesome to put high test in. The girls LOVE IT!.

On my road, there are no street lights. When I get off my dirt road to get on the main road, there are still no street lights. It’s pretty freakin dark! Will, has given me the opportunity to test and “Literally BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF THIS THING” , And I am entirely looking forward to it! I am all for testing a product before I buy. I can tell you now that the time and energy into this product is going to make people want his set-up.

He showed me some pictures of what he was working on and this guy REALLY has the switches and lights and all the “BLING” necessary to pimp your ride with a safe lighting kit. All of the connections are bullet-proof because they are all different, so you can’t one into the other without knowing which way it goes. TOTALLY PLUG AND PLAY. I’m excited to see what this guy has to bring to the table of the Motorized Bicycling Industry.

There are a lot of interesting people on the internet that love these bikes. I, personally am a member of at least 35 groups on Facebook. Groups from all over the world. This blog actually reaches more people than imagine and has helped me and other people around the world get to know and love our HT China girls and how to treat them so they will be kind to us!

One thing that’s got me going is the fact that right now, his set up is battery operated. This is ONLY phase one. He is looking into different prototypes to where it would run off the magneto! So even with the engine at idle, it would still put out enough so you can see at night without moving. You just have to have the engine on.

Here’s a sneek peek…….

Sorry for me dissappearing off the face of the Earth!!! I got distracted.

To my fellow bikers.. I am so sorry that I have not been posting like I used to. I got caught up with work and a relationship that went sour. I’m sure some of us have been there before, but I DO plan on blogging more and more as time goes by. There is a lot of good things coming down the pipeline in the not-so-distant-future!  I’ve got new products to talk about and more interviews to cover in the motorized bicycling world which is becoming more and more popular every day. I’ve been doing some networking with  some very prominent people in the industry and they have very good news for people who want to make their bikes legal and more reliable.

As many of you know I am a daily rider and my China Doll is SO much fun! It’s my pain reliever, it is my passion to work on these bikes and to honestly help other people keep their bike running as smoothly as possible. Safety is the key, and when you have an engine that is running smooth and lights that run clean and bright, there’s no telling where you can go. The independence of being free to ride where ever you want is a high that can not be put into words.

I have reached people from all over the world with this blog and it is my goal to expand this sport of riding to make it as popular as bicycle riding itself. Thank you for your support and I will be doing some more articles in the near future.


Florida DMV Passed New Law For Motorized Bicycles!

The State of Florida just passed a new Law for the regulations of operating “Motorized Bicycles” called RS-68. More details will be coming soon as I gather up all the information I can about it. This could be a good thing? Hmmmm…… We will see!!

New parts came in the mail! YAY!!!!

Fred Head

Fred Head installed with stock NT style carburetor

EVERY TIME I get new parts in the mail, it’s like Christmas!! That feeling you get, the anticipation of wanting to get your hands on the bike as quickly as possible to see the differences made is incredible. This particular ride is growing up to be a pretty mature China girl. With my “Fred Head” and my new “Dellorto Style” carburetor, this girl is purring along better and better every day.
One of the issues that these little gems are plagued with is heat dissipation. In the sunny state of Florida where I live, it gets pretty hot in the Summer and Fred Chelminski’s Fred Head does such a fantastic job cooling down my girl when she get’s to moving fast. It performs SO WELL in radiating the heat away from my engine. I took a meat thermometer to it after a long ride and it wasn’t even above 220 degrees.

I was having issues with the “Stock NT” carb using too much gas and running a little rich. It also had issues with four-stroking all the way through the RPM range. It’s a good carb style to work with and easily tuned but if you’re looking for performance, the Runtong Carburetor is the way to go. The NT is a good “go-to” carb to get you started especially for break in because it runs a little rich. You want to have that extra lubrication until your motor gets settled in.

Stock NT Style Carburetor

Stock NT Style Carburetor

I used to have a Dellorto Style carb I purchased from It performed very well until I put it on a shelf to work with other bikes and parts and then when I installed it, it would never idle right thereafter. So back on the shelf it went. I got another style of the same carburetor, only this one has a jet adjustment screw right under the idle screw which allows you to dial in the mixture without having to change jets! Another feature of this style is that it has a choke on it that when you push the lever down to choke it all you have to do is open the throttle up all the way for a second to unlock the choke lever. This means you don’t have to go all over the place while riding, trying to find the lever to take the choke off. MUCH SAFER operation!!
Dellorto SHA style
Not only that, but this little carb is literally a bolt on and go with little adjustment since Jim Wilson from installs the correct jet and fine tunes it for you. He also installs the throttle cable for you just to be sure it’s on right and while he’s at it, he does quality control. This is a service that is NOT offered by anyone else in the industry. Just email him and ask any questions about your build and he will reply faster than anyone I know of with your solution.
So far, this is a winning combination of parts. I’ve got the heat dissipation worked out, the fuel air mixture spot on, and the engine is breathing so much better. I guess the only things that are left is to purchase an HD Lightning CDI.
As I was riding to the store yesterday, a fella met up with me and said that he lived right down the road from me and was having problems with his bike build. Well, with my usually enthusiastic self, I offered to go down to his house and see what we could do. He has an exceptionally nice frame that was specifically built for these China girls to mount on with a built in fuel tank!
This is going to be a really cool build. I have an issue with my fuel tank wanting to twist on my frame because you can’t tighten down the mounting studs too tight or it will leak. This only happens at high RPM’s when the bike is vibrating a lot. So as of now, I am trying to find alternative ways to mount the tank. I currently have double sided sticky foam tape holding it along with the standard mounts. IMG_20131019_121122
I hope to get this thing locked down soon because I have yet to feel the all out speed of this bike due to this problem.